" Create a High-quality Environment of Design Education in Taiwan and Design Together for the Future! "

The Department of Visual Communication Design of Kun Shan University (KSU) was established in 1995 with the goal of cultivating outstanding design talents for Taiwan and creating a high-quality environment of design education in Taiwan. Thanks to the support from the university, we were able to introduce the most advanced Mac computers back then to build a teaching environment where each of the students was assigned with a Mac computer for their learning of design. With our educational ideals and professional teaching of the fundamental design concepts and skillsets, our department was able to develop a resounding reputation soon after its establishment, widely recognized as a leader among design-related departments of universities and colleges in Taiwan. The main development direction of our department is to integrate visual design, media technology, cultural development, creativity expression, industrial innovation, and regional revitalization into its curricular structure. In 2002, we established the Graduate School of Visual Communication Design to cultivate more high-end visual communication design talents by providing them with more advanced visual design education and research opportunities.




  • Undergraduate Students

Based on a broad vision and forward-looking ideas of education, our department provides students with a team of professional faculty and a well-developed design learning environment. Moreover, our teaching structure with one department (Visual Design Communication Department) and two sections (Print Media Design Section and Industrial Innovation Design Section) is developed in response to the current and future tends of design, intended to cultivate professional future designers who will continue to not only have in-depth thinking about how to integrate design with life, art, and technology but also broaden their aesthetic horizons and enhance potential development on the foundation of their professional capabilities of visual design planning, creative R&D, and marketing for “print media”, “audiovisual animation”, and “industrial innovation”. Based on the teaching framework of “creativity, design, integration, and marketing”, we aspire to fulfill the ultimate goal of training our undergraduate students into professional design talents equipped with “creativity, innovation, and entrepreneurship”.


  • Graduate Students

We aim to cultivate more advanced design talents who are capable of conducting creative design R&D and using digital technology and multimedia for visual design creation and R&D.