Course Aims



Core Competencies of Our Undergraduate Students


Graphic Expression and Media Application


  • Good command of the techniques of graphic expression and media application for design creation.
  • Familiarity with how to correctly use the process and techniques of media expression for design creation.
  • Capability of identifying different kinds of techniques and materials used in design creation.
Professional Techniques of Visual Design


  • Capability of identifying the shapes, materials, colors, forms and other elements of design principles.
  • Capability of explaining the connections between their design works and the theoretic references.
  • Capability of expressing concepts through the visual expression of design and achieving completeness of their design works.
Creativity Expression through Digital Media


  • Familiarity with the correct use of different kinds of digital software to express their design thoughts.
  • Capability of properly expressing their design concepts through images, computer programming, and audio/videos.
  • Capability of using computer assistance or technology application to express their design concepts.
Design Planning/Integration and Marketing


  • Understanding the connections between design creation and the cultural creativity industry.
  • Capability of paying extensive attention to the development trends of design and applying the trends in the creation of industrial values.
  • Capability of integrating visual design and marketing planning.


Core Competencies of Our Graduate Students


Independent Research and Thesis Writing


  • Capability of independently conducting research and writing theses.
  • Capability of expressing design concepts through images and spoken/written words.
  • Capability of developing curiosity in different types of creation forms and proactively collecting related information.
Independent Design Planning and Integration


  • Capability of analyzing the characteristics of design elements such as shapes, materials, colors, and forms.
  • Capability of combining practical experiences with design theories.
  • Capability of independently incorporating practical experiences of visual design planning into industrial application.
  • Capability of developing the design style for his/own branding.
Audiovisual Media Design


  • Capability of using different kinds of digital software to express their design concepts.
  • Capability of using programming languages to express their design concepts through integration of images and audios.
  • Capability of engaging in cross-disciplinary dialogues about culture, technology, and art.
  • Capability of sharing design creation experiences through public exhibitions and performances.
Audiovisual Media Design Innovation


  • Capability of looking at the world from a global vision and paying continuous attention to the development of arts and cultures.
  • Capability of focusing on the development trends of design and proposing strategies of proactive improvement for the industry.
  • Capabilities of proposing concrete strategies of marketing for brand management.